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Ra-flect™ Radiant Barrier - Attic Foil Insulation

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Radiant barriers are starting to become common place in building and home construction. Whether you are building a new home or live in an older home, it is never too late to install this energy efficient, heat reflecting, aluminum radiant barrier. The attic is generally the easiest and most common place to install a radiant barrier, and in this location, our highly reflective aluminum radiant barrier is very effective at reducing both the heat gained in the summer and the heat lost in the winter to make your home more comfortable and save money on utility bills year round.

We hope that after shopping around, you will find that our radiant barrier, with its superior quality, durability and affordable pricing will meet and exceed all of your needs. This double sided, metalized polyethylene woven fabric scrim is tear resistant, mold resistant, corrosion resistant and is well suited for holding staples in any position. Take advantage of our site wide sale and order your radiant barrier today!

Ra-flect Radiant Barrier (Ultra)

Roll SizeReg / Sale Price*
51" x 235 ft = 1,000sf$149.50 $126.96
48" x 250 ft = 1,000sf$149.50 $126.96
25.5" x 235 ft = 500sf$75.90 $68.00
17" x 235 ft = 332sf$50.93 $46.62

Our Ultra Radiant Barrier materials are Class A fire rated, block over 95% of radiant heat energy, and are 100% made in the USA. Unlike conventional radiant barrier products, Radiant Barrier is manufactured using a VaporPhase deposition technology resulting in a more durable, longer-lasting radiant barrier for commercial and residential use. Ra-flect radiant barrier is put through extensive quality control tests before it leaves our facility. From in house reflectivity, permeability and tear strength tests, to the use of electron microscopes to verify that the Aluminum coating is thick enough to prevent the radiant barrier from corroding over time or from oxidizing in water. If a long lasting, strong, durable radiant barrier is what you are looking for, then look no further and place your order below.

Laser Perforated Radiant Barrier

Vapor Retardant Radiant Barrier

Ra-flect Radiant Barrier LP Ra-flect Radiant Barrier VB
$126.96Ra-flect Radiant Barrier LP $126.96Ra-flect Radiant Barrier VB
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